Lu ‘Knife King’ Keshui

Yuk factor in this story: Chinese foot masseur Lu ‘Knife King’ Keshui has made a large sculpture from nail and skin clippings from his clients feet ! Mr Keshui of Wuhu, in the south eastern Anhui province 安徽 , used the clippings from 10,000 people to make sculptures of 550 people and 60 animals for his collage. I shall resist a picture !

Flip flops for revellers !


More on flip flops ! Sunny Torbay has a fun night life that seems to leave revellers without their shoes ! After a night on the happy juice the flip flops are aimed at women that have had a few too many. Costing the council some £30,000 to implement the scheme, they hope the flip flops will help prevent ankle injuries. So instead of falling off their high heels they will wear this inexpensive flat footwear–and the flip flops have a safety message about alcohol on them as well. The police have said this is just part of their drink awareness campaign and hope the scheme will help keep some of the party goers from turning up at Casualty with injuries. Interesting to see how it works out !