Get bitten by Crocs


Perhaps not the dangerous animal but the popular rubber type sandal. It seems that many find this a comfortable colourful alternative to everyday footwear. Mothers have reported that kids wearing Crocs on an escalator have almost seen their ‘baby’ crocks pulled off their feet as they get pulled in to the machinery, thankfully just part of the shoe not the foot.  As I have personally witnessed a child’s shoe getting caught at the top of an escalator and there was no misbehaviour by the child, any loose fitting footwear is potentially dangerous. Crocs might also be banned in some schools (dangerous when running around) but they have now been targeted by hospital administrators. Their crime is that the material they are made of is not anti static and can cause wild but perhaps not dangerous malfunctions in delicate equipment, there is also a potential to cause an explosion. Certainly not something that anyone would like to happen. The Crocs have been a favourite of some nursing staff but Health and Safety concerns may have something to say –the holes in the Crocs might very well be an ideal entry point for the dropped contaminated syringe or perhaps any form of, let’s say, organic matter that might find its way to your footwear, not very hygienic. So everyone has a favourite story about their Crocs–helped my sore feet?, very dangerous?, a fashion faux-pas?, very comfy?, what’s your thoughts ?

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