Summer time feet

cool feet 

As the weather warms up it’s time to think how to keep the feet comfortably cool. Wearing sandals instead of closed in shoes seems obvious but the inner sole of the sandal can make a difference to the way you feel. A good quality inner sole made of leather will help absorb perspiration, but the opposite is the plastic one that will sweat the feet all day. Even some expensive sandals seem to have plastic inner soles and this contributes to that horrible sticking feeling when using them. Manufacturers have thought up some clever ideas to help combat this sticky sweaty situation, one is a towelling type of insole that can be washed or exchanged for a new one. Other alternatives to help keep comfortable are based on sprays or cooling gels. Some gels can be sticky if applied too thickly but Ice Gel a cooling foot gel for hot feet is a helpful product and a spray containing cooling Menthol and Triclosan for its deodorant properties called Akileine Red, hot foot spray helps. Even the least expensive methods such as using a cool foot bath or a simple application of surgical spirit dabbed between the toes can make you feel much more comfortable.

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