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It would appear that the fashion for high heels is certainly not abating. Medical staff at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee report 20 new cases a month for surgical intervention. Fashion conscious ladies are simply just hobbling their way to future problems and the inevitable foot surgery. High fashion plus the fact that the shoes are worn so often and not kept just for those special occasions are contributing to bunions, neuromas and curly bent toes to name but a few. The biomechanically unsound shoes cause the ball of the foot, the metatarsal area, to be really uncomfortable. To improve comfort manufacturers have incorporated gel heels and ball of foot cushions plus soft leather uppers in to their styles and some designers advocate shoes no higher that 10cm (4ins) in their ranges. Improve comfort in your existing footwear with Invisigel ultra fine gel insoles and ball of foot cushions

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  1. Women around the world prefer to wear stylish shoes that enhance their appearance as well as personality. Stylish shoes for women are the craze. However, comfort is of essence while choosing the shoes. Especially the working-woman, they should always look for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

    Different designs of Women Shoes

    There are uniquely styled women shoes with exclusive designs that fit your purpose and function. Here are some styles of shoes:

    Sandals – These are one of the trendiest women shoes, perfectly suited for warm weather conditions. These shoes use a series of straps, which hold to the sole.

    Pumps – It is one of the most popular styles of women shoes serving as an comfortable alternatives to high-heeled shoes. In United States, pumps are also known as skimmers or ballerinas.

    High heels – There are a large variety of designs for women shoes in this category. The high-heeled shoes must raise the heels only and not the toes like platform shoes.

    However, it is important for you to know that high-heeled and pointed-toe shoes can be perilous for your feet and lead to various podiatric problems. Therefore, it is best advised to choose the stylish yet comfortable low-heeled shoes that do not strain your feet like uncomfortable high-heeled shoes.

  2. If the shoe fits: Victoria Beckham and Gywneth Paltrow are known for their love of ultra-high heels
    Doctors are using the procedure to cure a condition known as ‘stilettotarsal’ – caused by years of wearing high heels.

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