More about High Heels

high heel shoes

It would appear that the fashion for high heels is certainly not abating. Medical staff at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee report 20 new cases a month for surgical intervention. Fashion conscious ladies are simply just hobbling their way to future problems and the inevitable foot surgery. High fashion plus the fact that the shoes are worn so often and not kept just for those special occasions are contributing to bunions, neuromas and curly bent toes to name but a few. The biomechanically unsound shoes cause the ball of the foot, the metatarsal area, to be really uncomfortable. To improve comfort manufacturers have incorporated gel heels and ball of foot cushions plus soft leather uppers in to their styles and some designers advocate shoes no higher that 10cm (4ins) in their ranges. Improve comfort in your existing footwear with Invisigel ultra fine gel insoles and ball of foot cushions