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ClassroomSome of the interesting questions on our foot forum concern children’s footwear. The following question illustrates one of the problems. “My children are made to take their school shoes off as soon as they arrive at school, they then put plimsoles on . I have spoken to the teacher but to no avail. I have seen plimsoles that are too small on childrens feet -doesnt this do damage in the long run this kind of rule”?

My answer on the forum was “I think it’s important to press the school on this issue again. Many parents do spend a great deal of money on properly fitted school shoes only to find they are worn going to school and finally going home at the end of the day. In the largest part of the school day the children wear gym shoes/plimsoles/sandshoes probably to keep the school clean or perhaps keep noise down. The problem arises when this type of footwear becomes too small and this is not noticed until a parents night or end of term because the gym shoes are normally left at school.  Unfortunately growing feet can be easily damaged by short tight shoes of any kind thus destroying your efforts when buying well fitted footwear. It would perhaps help if you could speak to the head teacher as not everyone is aware of the health aspects or maybe thinks the point through. This issue is quite common and was recently discussed in current UK Podiatry literature”.

Plimsole/GymshoeThis is just part of the story and parents should remember plimsoles worn all the time can make the feet hot, sweaty and really moist making the skin prone to bacterial and fungal infections. Ordinary shoes really do support the feet considerably better than plimsoles which are so lightweight and flimsy they can damage the growing foot. So check those gym shoes often, at least every few months and look after those tiny feet.

5 thoughts on “Children’s footwear

  1. It was our school janitor that said he didn’t want the floors scuffed with kids shoes ! That is why they wear plimsoles. I think that I will re visit this after reading about how plimsoles can damage feet Thanks for the article 😉

  2. I can understand,if the kids shoes are not comfortable, they can catch many skin infections (athlete foot, jock’s itch, etc). It is also very important to wear loose fitting socks.

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