Dog ate my foot as I slept !

DogA recent article in the press described the horror of waking up after sleeping for 5 hours to find your pet dog had eaten part of your foot !. That’s exactly what happened to an Ayrshire man who had no feeling in his feet. The man who had diabetes for 20 years had neuropathy since 2002 in his feet,this is where the individual has lost the ‘protective sensation’ that would in this case have alerted him to the dogs gnawing. The man had cut his toe earlier in the day,gone to bed and his wife awoke at 5am to hear a crunching sound–the dog had chewed her husbands toe off ! An operation tidied up the foot and the dog–well they still love him despite his night time snack.

Information about looking after your feet if you have diabetes :

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2 thoughts on “Dog ate my foot as I slept !

  1. That is really crazy! Very interesting post! We have to take care when the dog is in the house! Do not go to bet if your foot is cut! It is dangerous!

  2. I feel queasy having read this. My girlfriend has a couple of Staffies, lovely dogs, but they are never ever coming near the bedroom having read this – it only takes them about 30 seconds to kill a football and about 5 minutes to eat a tree, so my skinny feet would stand no chance.

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