Stiletto Heels

StilletoA fashion statement or something to give you sore legs and feet? A derivation of the Italian word ‘Stilo’ which means dagger,Stiletto appeared in the English language in the early 17th century meaning a short dagger with a thick blade. Later in the 17th century it described pointed beards and in the 1950’s a shoe heel. The stiletto heels were very popular in the 50’s and 60’s and have from time to time made a comeback. The high heels not only emphasise a ladies attractive legs, adding some height but can over a period of time give the wearer a painful back, corns and shorten the Tendo Achillies (albeit reversible over time) making wearing low heels or flat shoes very uncomfortable. The pressure on the toes and the nails is enormous in the toe box of the shoe and this increases with heel height. The pressure on the heel is also concentrated in one very small surface area and resulted over the years in many a ‘No Stilletos’ sign in halls or shops with fine wooden floors. So what’s best ladies ? If you want to wear the shoes OK, but like lots of things –in moderation and think of your poor toes !

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