Trainers for a marathon

TrainerNow that the 26 miles of the London marathon is over again for another year its time to think about the best footwear to use. You would never run a marathon with a pair of heavy safety shoes on, so appropriate for the job footwear is an essential bit of kit. Unless you have the best of trainers on, your feet and legs you will know all about pain and discomfort. So what helps make a good trainer shoe?  Light breathable fabric uppers can help keep the foot cool. Great support from a good quality mid sole with a shock absorbing insole. The heel should also be well cushioned and some trainers have gel pads in this important area. Weight is important too, with some brands being as light as 200g. An often asked question is how often to replace trainers? In general if you are serious about running 6 to 9 months is probably about right, less strenuous use could last a bit longer. Shop around,you don’t have to pay top £, best quality trainers are not always the most expensive !

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  1. I agree you dont have to pay the earth for trainer shoes that fit well. I renew mine every year but I still keep my favorites !

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