What is a Verruca ?

Occlusal verruca treatment

If you have kids that are keen on swimming the chances are they will pick up the dreaded Verrucas at some point. The viral warts called Verrucas are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. I takes around 4-6 months for them to make an appearance on your childrens feet and quite often it takes a while for the Verrucas to become painful and big enough for them to complain about it. The virus is easily spread by physical contact and cuts and abrasions on the feet can allow the virus to enter, hence the reason many kids get the infection from school gyms,swimming baths and changing rooms. Prevention isn’t easy at school. It’s a good idea to not share footwear,use their own towel and wear flip flops around changing areas or at the edge of pools.

Veracur GelTreating warts/Veruccas is easily completed at home but can take a bit of patience (often around 18wks !) and it should continue for about a week after you can no longer see it. Products to treat them can be varied; from Freezing (can be very painful for children) to painless methods like Veracur Gel(Formaldehyde) incidentally very suitable and safe for young children and diabetics, to Occlusal a Salicylic acid based treatment for adults and older children. Whatever product is used, anyone not sure about a mark on a childs foot or a particularly large Verruca should get it checked by their GP or Podiatrist first of all.

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  1. I found the verruca socks were great for my girls who are under 11.Our local pool sells them at the desk,the only problem is they can be hard to get on. My eldest now uses the flip flop type of shoe as you mention and they work fine. Great blog!

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