Sweaty and smelly feet

Smelly feet           Gehwol deodorant foot cream

It’s an inconvenient and at worst an embarrassing problem. Sweaty feet can affect all age groups and both sexes. It can sometimes be so bad that an odour can be detected from feet through a pair of shoes!

The technical term used to describe sweaty feet is Hyperhidrosis and the unpleasant odour caused by bacterial breakdown of secretions from the sweat glands, as Bromhidrosis. In appearance, the skin of the feet can be red and puffy, the excess sweat causing the skin to be macerated having a white and rubbery look between the toes.  The increase in sweat leaves the skin vulnerable to fungal infection, the virus that causes the formation of veruccas and blistering caused by lack of elasticity in the skin.

The first steps in helping the situation should include simple good foot hygiene. Wash your feet in cool water using a non scented soap, afterwards dry carefully between the toes.  Use shoes or trainer shoes with leather uppers to allow the skin to breath and importantly allow the footwear to dry out by alternating their use. Use natural fibre hosiery containing a high percentage of cotton to keep the feet cool and absorb secretions. Some specialist socks have high tech man made fibres that helps to keep the skin cool. Also associated with increase sweating is a high amount of Caffeine consumption, so reduce the tea and coffee input to help! Using products like Gehwol deodorant foot cream and Akileine shoe spray to keep the footwear fresh can help enormously.

See www.yourfootcare.com/html/sweaty_smelly_feet.html

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