X-Static silver seamless socks

Diabetics have to take particular care of their feet. Inspection of the feet for problems,good socks and well fitted footwear are important. It’s amazing how socks can cause problems. Even socks that have shrunk in the wash and are now too small can be troublesome. A common complaint is the seam at the toes of socks which can irritate the skin and even cause ulcers. Help is now at hand with ‘SmartKnit’ seamless socks. The sock fits like a second skin and is made by a unique process that produces no seam at all taking away those risks of pressure points. The ‘X-Static’ silver fibres produce the ideal anti microbial environment for ‘at risk’ diabetic feet. Great protection from bacteria and fungus plus eliminating any foot odour along with ‘CoolMax’ fibres to wick moisture away, makes this the perfect sock for compromised feet.

See http://www.yourfootcare.com/html/socks.html

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