No more Monphytol

monphytol anti fungalMonphytol one of my favourite anti fungals appears now to be off the market. Its colourless solution that was painted on to affected areas was so easy to use and many of our customers agreed as well. The Manufacturer’s web site states ‘due to problems with active ingredients’  (Methyl undecenoate, propyl undecenoate, salicylic acid, methyl salicylate, propyl salicylate, chlorobutanol)

—Just had an email back from the Manufacturer. Unfortunately this is really the last of this useful product. They site further regulation of some of the ingredients have just made it too expensive to make. What a pity, although we have some very modern formulation anti fungals this was a product that many customers found easy to use and produced the desired result on both skin and nail.

11 thoughts on “No more Monphytol

  1. As a Podiatrist working in private practice, I have recommended this product to my patients for many years so I am really disapointed it has been discontinued. I don’t know of anything as good at the moment.

  2. I’ll miss it too as I know this product since my childhood My mum has been using it to cure her nails and myself i’ve been using it since I was 15 and now I am 28 and I am still using this product. I was really disapointed on visiting this website and noticed that this product has been discontinued. I would really appreciate if they would produce similar products in the future as the cost is no longer an issue for me even if the price doubled I wouldn’t mind

  3. The worlds a crazy place, you just find a product that works and “they”
    ceate a climate where its no longer marketable!

  4. Yes i agree with all the above comments Monphytol was agood product which worked
    well so why not continue with the manufacture and increase its price ?If it works people do not mind paying a higher price.

  5. I’ve suffered with athlete’s foot all my life and Monphytol was the only product that worked. It’s such a drag that regulations (probably EU) have yet again forced another great product off the market.

  6. Can anyone confirm if Mykored is effective/worth buying?
    When I used Monphytol the condition of my left big toe nail was improving – after Monphytol became unavailable I switched to Curanail/Amorolfine, prescribed by my GP, but its condition became considerably worse.
    I am now on a 6 months course of Terbinafine tablets from my GP but with no improvement yet.

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