Foot creams with Urea

Dry skin and particularly around the heels can be a real problem. The skin fissures and cracks and is unsightly to look at. Softening the skin does make a difference and a visit to the Podiatrist to remove the skin improves things enormously for both relief and appearance. Foot creams come in many differing types and can be very useful in the fight against painful heel cracking. Many contain the ‘humectant’ Urea. (humectant: absorbs water from the air, a hygroscopic substance). Urea is an effective moisturiser and exfoliator. A variety of foot creams contain between 5% to 25% Urea and the addition of other products such as Lanolin, Olive oil and Glycerine not only helps improve the feel of the product  but also allows the Urea to function correctly. Creams can be used at night with a pair of lightweight socks to protect bed clothes but other formulations such as Callusan Forte mousse can be used during the day as they have no greasy feel. Skin care products :

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