Artificial foot with ‘Intelligence’

Proprio artificial footA prosthetic is a replacement for a missing part of the body–replacing either a limb, foot or hand lost due to trauma or a birth defect. Recent news from war torn countries of children or soldiers losing their feet or legs after explosions caused by stepping on landmines would result in the need for such a device to replace the missing limb. Missing feet present a challenge, the human foot is a complex structure allowing us to walk at a variety of different angles and receiving signals that are relayed to the brain to indicate our position. Just think for a moment of the many surfaces we walk on from walking up and down a hill to walking on flat or undulating surfaces. Those complex motions are lost if a foot has been replaced by an artificial foot, a prosthetic. This may now be improved upon by a scientific improvement to prostheics resulting in an ‘intelligent’ artificial foot launched in the UK market this month. Icelandic company Ossur have developed ‘The Proprio’ an artifical foot that allows amputees

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