Silver uses ancient and modern

Silver OreSilver, Chemical symbol Ag, coming from the Latin Argentum,has been known for its useful anti-bacterial properties and for reducing the harmful affects of both fungi and viruses. During the Napoleonic Wars Tsar Alexander lined water barrels with silver knowing that Silver purified the drinking water. Further back in time, in 1250 BC, The Phoenicians also knew of the properties of the metal, using Silver bottles they kept both water and wine from spoiling. 

HippocratesThe Greek physician Hippocrates who was born in 460 BC, knew of the healing properties of Silver on wounds. He had simply based his practice on the observations he had made in dealing with the human body. How does this precious metal work on bacteria?   In 1893 Swiss Botanist Karl Kageli discovered what he called the ‘Oligodynamic’ effect. This showed the toxic effect of metal ions on living cells, indeed apart from Silver other metals such as Copper,Iron,Mercury,Gold and Aluminium,amongst others all exibit the same property, that is the ability to inactivate enzymes. 

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