Reducing pain in Arthritis

rosehipsMany of us remember the red Rosehip Syrup of our childhood, full of vitamin C it was eagerly awaited and one of the more pleasant ‘medicines’ that we were given to keep us healthy. During the second world war volunteers collected many tons of Rosehips to keep the whole nation healthy, it was also easy to make at home and was a favourite made from a simple recipe in ’The Hedgerow Harvest’ written by the Ministry of Food (1943). For fun the hairy seeds are also known by generations of schoolboys as an effective ’itching powder’ to be placed down an unsuspecting friends shirt !

Recent research has now shown a Rosehip extract may help sufferers of Arthritis and Crohns disease, both diseases in which inflammation plays a part. A small trial by Biochemist, Dr K.Winther in Copenhagen looked at the product ‘LitoZin’ made from the ground seeds of Rosa Canina and found a marked reduction in the pain of Osteoarthritis sufferers. In his study of some 94 people they found a significant pain reduction from their conditions which very importantly meant they could reduce their other pain killers. Further research will be needed however. What is LitoZin? A Rosehip extract containing the active ingredient of ‘GOPO’ – Galatolipid compound

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